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The Best iPhone 11 Cases

Posted by on December 16th, 2019



The iPhone11 is officially out and the first thing a lot of people are going to reach for is a case to protect their new purchase. And I can’t blame them. After having to replace two iPhone XS Max devices after fairly short drops, I finally caved and broke my “no case” rule. Apple says the iPhone 11 series is more durable, but only time (and a few oopses onto concrete sidewalks) will tell for sure. While there are a lot of cases available for the iPhone 11, a majority of them are cheap and from companies that you’ve never heard of or won’t exist in six months. Not only is there no guarantee they’ll actually keep your iPhone investment safe, they may actually damage your device, scratching the finish or making it overheat. Here are the best iPhone 11 cases you can get right now from trustworthy companies.

The Best Official Cases The Apple Clear Plastic, Silicone, and Leather case

Of course, if you want to be sure that the case you’re getting will 100% work with your new iPhone, then your first stop should be the Apple Store itself. Apple has a full line of clear plastic, silicone, and leather cases that will fit your new iPhone 11 perfectly. The all have a microfiber lining to protect your phone’s finish and feature drop protection.

Best Clear Cases

Especially if you’ve picked up one of the new colors, you might be hesitant to cover up your brand new iPhone 11. That’s why these clear cases are perfect for adding drop protection (and maybe a bit more), while keeping your new device safe.Otterbox Symmetry: This easy to install one-piece case from Otterbox is completely clear, so your color of choice can shine through. It still has Otterbox’s famous drop protection and is compatible with its Amplify glare-free glass protector. Shop NowLifeproof Slam: This slim case LifeProof has a one-piece look with colored bezels and is designed to protect your iPhone from drops up to 2 meters. Shop NowLifeproof Nëxt: If you need a little more protection, the Nëxt features a front bezel that will help keep dust and debris away from your iPhone. It also has closed speaker grates and a sealed (but still accessible) bottom port so that you don’t have to worry about gunking up your charging port. And Nëxt offers a variety of colored bezels to choose from (though not all are available at the moment).

All-Around Protective Cases

your iPhone is already running hotter than normal. Add a case and that can mean disaster for your phone’s internal hardware. That’s why I’m really interested in testing out the long-term effects of the Razer Arctech line of cases. It comes in three flavors. The Slim has button cutouts. The Pro gives full bumper protection. And the Pro THS adds an embossed Razer logo to the Pro. What they all have in common is a layer of Thermaphene on the back of the case that vents heat via holes in the back of the case. That should keep your phone cool and protected.

Best ‘Uncase’Toast 11 Case

Toast was the case of choice for my iPhone XS Max and I plan on applying one of its real wood covers to my iPhone 11 Pro Max once it arrives. They’re easy to use, make your iPhone look great, don’t interfere with heat dissipation or wireless charging, and are the slimmest way available to protect your device. Toast’s founder told me that he created the brand to provide “cases for people who don’t want cases” and this definitely fits the bill. With Toast my phone is protected, but isn’t any bulkier. The only issue is that Toast is a one-time solution. Taking it off your phone destroys the applique (but leaves no residue on your iPhone). If you’re the type that changes cases often, you’ll need to look elsewhere.